Are you looking for a quiet space to look at colleges, apprenticeships, internships or possible job openings?

Do you need to brush up on your resume, cover letter or thank you letters?

Mary Hartman

868-7311 (ext. 246)

Located in F7

If you have questions or would like to make an appointment please contact Mrs. Mary Hartman. 


There are clothes available to anyone who would

like to come and browse. Take what you need for opportunities such as interviews, career fairs, etc. 


868-7311 (ext. 271)

Richard Barwin

Work-based Learning Coordinator


Hannaford Grocery Stores

In St Albans we currently have openings for the following Part Time positions: Cashiers, Produce, Center Store

If you are 18+ you can apply for: Deli, Meat/Seafood, Overnight Stocking

Perks for students include flexibility of hours (we work around sports and school, after graduation educational leaves if going to college and a job when you come back for summer/vacations also scholarship opportunities.

If you are interested apply online at:

Goat Farm hand

A goat farm in Highgate is currently milking at 5am and 4pm and looking for someone to work in the morning during the week (milking takes about 2 hours). Afternoon, it would be 3-6:30 and could be more hours if  wanted. Other duties include: cleaning out pens and helping with vaccinations, etc. There are about 20 kids on milk and 20 weaned. 


If you want more information, contact either Mrs. Hartman at or Mr. Messier at

Childcare Opportunity

Swanton Daycare/Preschool is looking for a person to help on  Tuesday, Thursday andFriday 9:00/ 9:30 to 12:30.  Please contact 868-7026 or 578-4636 with interest.  

Lenny's Shoe & Apparel

Lenny's Show & Apparel is looking for anyone 16 and older to apply for an immediate opening. Stop by the store for an application.  Hours would 4-8 a couple nights a week and weekends (the store is open 9-6 on Saturday and 10-5 on Sunday).  The store will work around any schedule. Duties include running a cash register and customer service. Experience would be great, however, training is available.


Updates Coming Soon!

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